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My Personal Story

Everyone has a story to tell. Each one of us has had different experiences worth sharing.

Our past is something that either haunts us, or we remember fondly. My own story is a mixture of pain and sorrow as well as extreme happiness. From riches to rags and a change in lifestyle, both socially and emotionally.

Feeling fortunate to have come through it all, with no trace of bitterness or regret, constantly supported by my children and friends, it is I believe a story to be shared. A work of fiction, based on true events that I hope soon to have published.


Every day something seems to catch my eye or demand my attention. This can be cultural, emotional, business and politics or just simple entertainment and pleasure.

Living in an ever changing world, that is aiming to move towards a greener environment, there is always something to see, learn or do.

Being a Life Coach, teacher and guide, has given me a constant thirst and yearning to know more. Taking an interest in all aspects of life, travelling, living and relocating to different cities and countries, I share my experiences through my articles.

My Blog

My children grown, the time had come for me to begin my own adventure. After many a year of sharing the travel experiences of others, it was time for me to begin my own. A workaholic, an X marking my designated spot, I decided to remove myself from all that was familiar. Leaving behind my children and grand-children, friends and colleagues, I went as far away as I could, Beijing, China where I started my weekly blog. From there I have since moved on to Europe, where I am continuing to update weekly my encounters and observations which you can read about by clicking on the following links: Beviwrites, Beviteaches, Bevicoach.