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New! Private/Group Coaching sessions now available on Skype

My story of coming into Coaching may be a little different from others, but my dedication to this vocation is absolute. From the age of 12, I began to be asked to make appointments with my fellow classmates, to sit and listen to their worries and give advice or comfort as seemed appropriate. As the years went by and the requests grew, I began to realise that my ability to counsel, was in fact a ‘gift’.

During my early years of adult teaching, one of my students who worked in Finance, told me of a course that was being set up at one of the Universities, the course was to be in Coaching, a new and still relatively unknown method and approach. This course was to be unique, as it was to be made up of entirely professional women from different fields.

At the start, it was explained that our role was not to be Psychologists or Psychiatrists, but to be the Coach that would be needed when their job was done. Our part would be to help people realise their ambitions, build confidence, change path, support decisions and when necessary shoulder them through difficulties.

At the end of our studies, I was chosen to be written about in the media and since then, have offered my time to many. My sessions are custom made to your needs, whether it be personal, work related, planning or life changing, I endeavour to draw on both my formal education and training as well as a lifetime of personal experience.

If you would like some one to one Coaching sessions, I am now available on Skype. Sessions are given in 60 minute segments and at a time to be arranged at our mutual convenience. Sessions to begin after payment received.

In order to book a slot, please send me first an email to:
with a brief background and the reason why you would like some Coaching.

Sessions are available: One to One, for Couples, or Groups.

All correspondence will be replied to within 24 hours.

One Session of 60 minutes – 55€ (euro) per person / 2 people 75€ / Up to 4 people 95€

Five Sessions of 60 minutes – 250€ (euro) per person / 2 people 350€/ Up to 4 people 450€

1 session for 1 person x 55€ (euro)

1 session x 2 people 75€ (euro)

1 session for up to 4 people 95€ (euro)

5 sessions for 1 person x 250€ (euro)

5 sessions x 2 people 350€ (euro))

5 sessions for up to 4 people 450€ (euro)

Taking the first step to a positive well being.

Hoping to hear from you soon.