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Life Coaching


Studying and becoming a Professional Life Coach, made me realise the importance of empowerment, both for ourselves and being able to instil it in others too. It is a quality that we need to learn and use in all areas of our lives.

Today, a Licensed Doula too, enables me not only to attend and help at births, but to give continued support to mother and baby once they are home.

Specializing in women, couples, relationships, in finding your true self and building a 5 year plan, whether in your private or working life.



I believe that I was born to be a coach, though never in sport. I would spend my breaks in school listening to classmates, as they would confide in me their worries. We would sit on the upper school staircase away from everyone, me trying to offer a solution and comfort, they entrusting me with their secrets.

This ability I have always looked upon as a gift.


Like all skills that can be learnt, I truly believe that to be able to be successful in any given subject, is to draw on one’s own life experiences, both the good and bad, and I too have had my fair share of hardship.

It is all too easy to succumb to bitterness and regret, the more difficult part is to remain happy and positive. I know this from my own experiences, but have always endeavoured to be this way even though at times it requires effort.



Why should you settle for second best or mediocre? It doesn’t mean that your life is bad, or that you have to lose or cast something aside to achieve your own satisfaction. It also doesn’t have to be at the expense of others, but more a personal entitlement to contentment and not be forever wistful or dissatisfied.


A coach is not a psychiatrist or psychologist and should not be treated as one. They are the person who comes in when you realise that there is a ‘problem’ and you need a sounding board and hand with advice.

That well worn cliche ‘it comes with age’, that so annoys you when you are young, is true though. For how else do we learn whatever it was that we did wasn’t right, but totally wrong!?

A coach is there to help you find the mistake, with no reproach, but help plan or create a better path towards a personal goal or future event.



Not everyone has a goal, or is ambitious, some want to marry, others do not. There is no one set of rules, but having the conviction and strength to live by one’s own is the secret of a good life.