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Life Coach and Teacher – About Me

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About Me
To describe myself in three words, I would say: colorful, interesting and bright. A single parent of 4, an adoring grandmother of 3, colorful describes almost all that there is to say about me. Interested in everything, from politics to fashion, meeting and talking to people are a high priority for me.
An adventurer in spirit, unafraid of a challenge, a traveller I have become. Life being a roller coaster of changes in all areas, career, cities, stories and happenings. Writer, blogger, Life Coach and teacher my aim is to share all through my writing.

Writing has always been a passion, that began back in my teens. I have always considered myself an observer of life and write about true events that I have either occurred, personally witnessed, heard of or researched.
My own upbringing in a religious environment and community, has both furnished me with a story to tell and an insight into life that I believe comes across in my tales. As one grows older and you get better at things, that awful saying of ‘it comes with age’ suddenly gains clarity and you realise that you are able to view and express thoughts and ideas in a different way. I try to bring this across in my writing and to tell the story as if you can actually hear my voice, but through the page.
Life Coaching
Life Coaching was something that I think began when I was 12 years old and held meetings and appointments on the top floor of the school staircase. So, when I was invited to join a professional training course, I jumped in with two feet. Talking to people is both beneficial for the person who is seeking guidance and for the coach too, as each session helps you to know how to define things better and constantly improve your own performance too.

Having taught ESL for the last ten years, I am often approached for tips or advice on how to transfer the language over to students well. The mistake of many is in the thing that it is easy to stand up in front of a class of non-native speakers, who don’t understand a word of English! At times I have been asked a question, that I could not have foreseen and wonder how the student arrives at such a notion or thought?! But, this in turn can prove to be challenging and insightful and I now wish to share some of these experiences with you.
Becoming a professional guide both for Israel and abroad, was after taking licensed guiding courses for a total of two years. During that time of both study and travel I developed a passion for it and am happy to go, write and talk about them on a regular basis. Now a journalist too, I not only write on my blogs, but add articles there as well on my ‘sightings’ and ‘adventures’ as well as a daily comment on twitter too.
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Reproduced from an article published in the Womens’ Magazine of Israel (L’Isha) and translated from Hebrew. – Link